Khewra Salt Mines
Photo by: Fantaz, Creative Commons

There are many hills that boast luscious green scenery. But nothing compares to a group of hills where the stunning city of Hyderabad lies. It is a perfect serene break-away spot for those who are enduring too much stress from the hustle and bustle of city living.

To love the place more is to appreciate the relevant events that took place in its history. And one of these major events is the clash between British troops and the local Talpur tribe in the Battle of Miani. This clash did not only leave bloodsheds in the past, but also some of the beautiful man-made architectures that thousands of tourists admire at present.

Hyderabad also serves as the center of government operations, and it also houses some of the biggest and oldest universities in the country. People here are very much involved in trade industry and small business. The city is also considered as the largest producers of bangles.

The hot and humid weather of the city is just perfect for anyone who will visit some of the historical sites. These include an archeological landmark of Amri, the tombs of Talmur Mirs, and the largest fort in the world, Ranikit Fort. The Sindh Museum contains artifacts and antique crafts that support the city’s accounts of the past.

For nature lovers, a perfect spot to visit in Hyderabad is the Indus River. It provides a tranquil ambiance for visitors, and a source of living for locals. Anyone will enjoy boating and sightseeing activities here.

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