Across the Yalu River
Photo by: tyler haglund, Creative Commons

If you are looking for a place to go to in North Korea, visiting Hyesan will surely be an adventure of a lifetime. Hyesan is a city in the Ryanggang province of North Korea. Located in the Baekdu Mountains, it is in the border of China and North Korea.

Hyesan lies in the uppermost stream of the Yalu River. During the Yi dynasty, it is known as a fortress. It is one of the coldest places in Korea during the winter and has recorded its coldest temperature at -44° F in 1915. Hyesan is a significant city in Korea in terms of river transportation because of its proximity to the Yalu River and product distribution.

When visiting Hyesan, it is important to visit the following locations:

1. Yalu River. It is also known as Amnok-gang in Korean. The Yalu River is known as one of the largest hydroelectric dams in Asia. It has grazed two battles: one in 1894 during the Sino-Japanese War and the other in 1904, during the Russo-Japanese War.

2. Baekdu Mountains (also Changbai Mountains.) It is the mountain range that lies in the border of China and North Korea. It is considered as one of the spirited mountains by the Koreans and is widely believed to be the place of their ancestral origin. In Mount Baekdu, you will find Heavenly Lake which is formed in the crater of the mountain. It serves as the water source for the Yalu River. There are also several waterfalls in the mountain range including the Hyongje Falls.

If you plan to travel to Hyesan, the best time of the year will be in September. This is because July and August has rains and October has snow. However, if you intend to view snow and go skiing, the best time to go is from November to March.

Visiting Hyesan is a great experience. Besides the beautiful destinations, the place is rich in history and attractions that can capture your attention.

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