Street scene in Ibadan
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Ibadan is the capital of Oyo, Nigeria’s third biggest city by populace, and the biggest in geographical area.

Landmarks, monument, and other places:

In the Institute of African studies building, there is a museum which shows a lot of astonishing pre-historic statues and bone carvings. The Ibadan city has a number of well-stocked libraries and is the home of Africa’s very first television station.

Dugbe Market is the centre of trading and transport networks of Ibadan city. The most preferable means of moving about the city is by using notable landmarks and reference points. Ibadan city also possesses a botanical garden situated at Agodi, and a zoological garden situated inside the University of Ibadan.

The Bower Memorial Tower, which is visible from almost any place in the city, also gives an outstanding view of the entire city from above. Another famous landmark is the Cocoa House, which is Africa’s first skyscraper. It is among a number of skyscrapers in Ibadan city and is at the core of the commercial centre of Ibadan.

Other site attractions are:
* Mapo Hall – a city hall in colonial style that is perched on a hill called Mapo Hill
*Mokola – a cultural centre
* Liberty Stadium – the very first stadium built in Africa.
* The Trans Wonderland amusement park

The University College Hospital, which is Nigeria’s first teaching hospital, and the University of Ibadan, which is the first stronghold of higher learning, were both constructed in this ancient however, highly significant city.

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