Old man and the iceberg at Ilulissat
Photo by:, Creative Commons

In Greenlandic language, the meaning of Ilulissat is icebergs. Ilulissat has an attractive place at the opening of the 56-kilometre-long ice fjord which is packed with huge icebergs from Sermeq Kujalleq, which is the northern hemisphere’s most dynamic glacier.

The largest icebergs finish up getting stuck at a deepness of 225 to 250 metres at the opening of the ice fjord, and they don’t work free till the tide is adequately high or till they’re so worn down that the centre of gravity of the iceberg is modified. In the year 2004, the Ilulissat Icefjord was included into UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Just a few kilometres from the town Ilulissat is the peaceful Sermermiut which lies out onto the ice fjord. In the year 1727, the valley was Greenland’s largest dwelling and abode to more than 250 individuals. Mines have consequently that the attractive valler has at different times been an abode to all the cultures that have resided along Greenland’s west coast for thousands of years.

In the north of Ilulissat, the settlement of Rodebay or Oqaatsut is situated, where a number of the dated edifices from colonial eras are now fitted out as huts or restaurants available for lease. Another few hours via boat to the north is Eqi glacier, wherein you are able to spend a number days in a hut.

Southwards of the Ilulissat Icefjord is a different charming dwelling called Ilimanaq, Qhich is among the most dated dwellings in Greenland. A lot of Ilulissat’s tourist offices plan these tours.

In Ilulissat town, which is also called Jakobshavn, 4500 individuals and at least 3500 sled dogs are currently living, which emphasizes the significance of the dog sled as a way of transportation even in a big modern municipality. The harbour is packed with fishing trawlers and boats that denotes the huge significance of Ilulissat’s fishing. Tourism is an essential business for the municipality as well, and a good assortment of tours is offered wherein the emphasis is on the culture and nature.

How would one arrive to Ilulissat? The air Greenland offers flights to the town everyday from Kangerlussuaq’s international airport. A number of departures into Ilulissat include stopping by in other municipalities located on the coast. You can also travel by water to these destinations via the Arctic Line’s ships if you desire to stop by in other municipalities on the coast from the town of Ilulissat.

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