Oubangui River
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Located on the north-eastern part of Congo, Impfondo lies on the Oubangui River with only about 20,000 in population. The administrative center of the Impfondo District and the Region of Likoluala is also a favourite tourist spot among Europeans. Impfondo is a destination for the nature trippers and those who want to get away from the hectic schedule and suffocating city life. Although there’s barely any electricity in this city, people will enjoy the bright and sunny days as well as the dark, cool nights where the stars are just unbelievably visible.

Because Impfondo is situated on a large river, kayaking is one fun thing to do here. The people are interestingly very ethnocentric and introvert in nature, which they sometimes react when they see foreign people especially when they’re white. Children would often call foreigners M’della which means white people. Even then, Impfondo is a safe city to be in.

As a rural area, you will witness here many traditional African practices including people carrying around dead relatives on the road, wrapped in a blanket, whom they are preparing for burial. This would be a perfect place for photographers or sociological tourists who also want to learn the real African culture and get to know the African natives.

Food shortages and poverty have risen quite highly in Impfondo. Tourism is also one of the ways by which the city can get by in terms of income. And because a lot of people come to help, many natives here are educated better and have learned to further develop their natural attractions for tourists.

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