Incehon Skyline from a park
Photo by:, Creative Commons

South Korea’s largest airport can be found in Incheon. The progress of this city continues after it was transformed into a global business hub in the 21st century. The history of the city was recorded dating back to 475 AD, during the reign of Michuhol, Goguryeo’s King of Jangsu. Through time, this has adopted various names along with the changes of the kingdoms and dynasties. The place gets an average climate, which can be described as humid continental, as compared to the other places in Korea.

In the summer, you will be amazed with the abundance of roses in the city. The rose is the official city flower and in summer, you can see these flowers practically all over. If you are pondering to give Incehon a visit, here are some of suggestions.

Chinatown. This can be found at the end of the main subway line en route to Seoul. There are various restaurants here that offer Korean foods and Korean version of Chinese foods. The place used to be home of Chinese merchants until they abandoned the area in the 60s and 70s after they were persecuted by President Park Chung-hee.

Songdo. You can visit this area that can be found near the Incheon Airport to enjoy natural sushi food. This is also a very ideal place to relax and be one with nature with its serene sea and elegant wonderland.

Jayu Park. You can stop by this after you have visited the nearby Chinatown. Aside from strolling around, this is a nice place to take your photos to be brought as souvenirs when you come back home. This is famous for the statue of General MacArthur and a memorial to US and South Korea’s centennial anniversary unions.

SongDo Yuwonji. This is considered as small wonderland where you can test your endurance and love for adrenaline rush. You can try bungee jumping or you can simply enjoy the beauty of the location.

Songdo Resort. Both adults and children will love the treats that this place offer, such as a large Ferris wheel, water slide and swimming lake.

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