Indian Desserts

Mishti Doi makes an excellent dessert on a hot summer day
Photo by: Kirti Poddar, Creative Commons

Because of their tempting and delicious nature, Indian desserts have become popular all over the world at present. People cannot seem to get enough of India’s sweets. No matter where you are currently at, Indian sweets are confections that should never be missed. Some of the most popular Indian sweets at present are the following:

Ras Malai

This is considered to be among the most popular desserts in India. Originally derived in West Bengal, India, this dish has now become widespread in different places like Pakistan and Bangladesh because of its delicious taste. In India, this has become one of its signature desserts. In fact, you can find it in all sweet shops in India. Ras Malai is naturally composed of a sweet dumpling of ricotta cheese or cottage cheese which is soaked in a clotted cream. The clotted cream is defined as sweetened and thickened milk which has cardamom, rosewater, saffron and pistachios for its flavor. The dumpling should have a cream to yellow color.


This is also another famous dessert in India. This dessert has full cream milk yogurt, cardamom powder, sugar, green pistachios, Kewra essence, warm milk and saffron strands for its ingredients. If you want to create this dessert, then you have to prepare all these ingredients. What you are required to do then is to put the yogurt in muslin or clean cheesecloth and allow it to drain for several hours. You can then combine the milk and saffron for a minute. Once the draining and the combination of milk and saffron are done, you can then mix all of them in a bowl and stir them. Stirring should be done until the sugar becomes well-blended. You can then chill the mixture for about an hour prior to serving.

Mishti Doi

Originally invented from Bengal, East India, Mishti Doi is also among the most irresistible Indian desserts that you should try. Despite the fact that the process of creating this dessert is somewhat simple, you can expect a very delicious flavor from it. This dessert can be created by simply combining milk, yogurt and caramelized sugar.

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