A beautiful day in Innsbruck, Austria

Photo by: moe , Creative Commons

The landscape of Innsbruck, Austria is never the same depending on the time of year tourists visit this place. It changes from an almost all white winter wonderland scene to a contrast of brightly colored meadows against snowy mountain peaks during spring, summer and autumn. This makes the city a requisite starting point for those who would like to engage in either winter sports or summer hiking adventures in the surrounding Tirol mountain region.

Although this particular area of Austria is breathtakingly scenic in its entirety, it would be a waste not to further explore a city such as Innsbruck even for just a day. However, some people might find that one day is simply not sufficient to get to know the city in depth. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Even just concentrating on the three top spots within the city will be more than enough for anyone to leave with memories of Innsbruck, Austria that will last for a very long time. The three landmarks in the city that most tourists flock to are:

• Hofburg Palace area – This neighborhood is home to the historical, architectural and artistic heritage of the city. Hofburg is the royal residence built for Emperor Maximilian in the 14th century. The palace itself is oftentimes compared to Versailles in France, because of its lavishly designed interiors, buildings, and gardens close by. The Hofkirche or Court Church that contains a resting place of royals, such as Maximilian’s and Archduke Ferdinand II, as well as the remains of local hero Andreas Hofer.
• Tyrolean Folkloric Museum – In contrast to the royal opulence of the Hofburg Palace vicinity, this museum contains numerous artifacts that illustrate the more mundane lifestyle of city residents. Items here date back to the Middle Ages.
• Olympia Museum – This more modern facility showcases pictures, memorabilia and souvenir items commemorating the city’s role as the host of the 1976 and 1964 Winter Olympics.

In just three easy trips to these locations and to other equally interesting sites, tourists can truly enjoy their vacation in Innsbruck to the fullest.

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