Ipoh train station
Photo by: plassen, Creative Commons

There are a lot of places to visit in Ipoh, Malaysia. The Padang Ipoh, for instance, has plenty of historic buildings of classic colonial architecture. Among these buildings are the Ipoh Club, HSBC Building, St. Michael’s Institution, and the FMS Bar. The Town Hall is another fantastic attraction because of its gothic structural designs. There is also the Muzium Darul Ridzuan which is a remarkable historical museum. And tourists may visit the Gua Tempurung Cave, as well. It is actually the biggest limestone cave in Malaysia. Then, the tourists can also go to the Tambun Hot Springs to soak in sulfur-rich water. Or they can go to the Lost World of Tambun to enjoy the rides in this water-theme park.

Ipoh also has numerous shopping localities. The Pasar Malam, for instance, is very popular for the variety of goods that it sells. Souvenirs and antiques may be purchased in Memory Lane on Sunday mornings. And shopping malls such as the Ipoh Parade and the Kinta City Shopping Center are the best places to buy branded items. But for those who prefer peculiar boutiques, they can go to the Ipoh Garden South. In addition, special goods such as Ipoh fragrant biscuits are popularly sold, as well. Pottery is also abundant in Ipoh. And the stores along Jalan Kuala Kangsar are the best places to shop for pottery.

Moreover, great food can also be found in Ipoh. The bean sprouts chicken is an Ipoh signature cuisine. The sar hor fun is another. Kong Heng Restaurant and Thean Chun are the places to order this dish. The Ipoh white coffee, on the other hand, may be tasted at places like Nam Heong and Xin Yun Loong. These coffee shops tend to be very jam-packed during tea hours, though, especially during the weekends. But they also serve vermicelli, congee, satay, and kuih. And their white coffee is best paired with toasted bread and kaya. Furthermore, the salted chicken of Ipoh is another dish that tourists must not fail to try. Aun Kheng Lim Restaurant at Theatre Street is famous for these salted chickens.

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