Downtown Iquique in Chile.

Photo by: gpoo, Creative Commons

Iquique is not exactly one of the more famous places in Chile. In fact, only a few people know what Iquique is and where it can be found. But the place does not really deserve to be ignored. If you find time to really explore it, you will discover that Iquique can be one of the most interesting places you can ever go to.

Do you find that hard to believe? If you do, then here are some attractions that may just change your mind.

1. Baquedano Street

This specific street is remarkable because most of the houses and buildings in this strip have been existing since 1880. But despite their relatively “old age” the Gregorian styled houses still manage to look as grand as the day they were built.

2. Geoglyphs

The geoglyphs in Chile are ancient images that have been literally carved into the dessert terrains. What’s incredible about these images is that they seemed to have been outlined from the top as all of them are equally proportioned. How were they made? Up to now no one can seem figure to figure that out.

If you want to see these wonders on your own, you can start with El Gigante de Acatama – huge glyph formed to have a human figure. This is found in the middle of a dessert in Huana.

3. Beaches

They are a must – see if you are visiting Iquique during summer. The shores and quiet waves are not just perfect for swimming, but they can also be ideal to relax tensed nerves.

4. The Festival of La Tirana Virgen

If you are in Iquique by July, make it a point to take a 72 kilometer drive to La Tirana. The travel may seem quite far but you will find that every kilometer is actually worth it especially after you see the music festival that goes on in that place for days. This festival is actually so popular, even to locals, that approximately 200,000 people flock the place yearly just to see and participate in it.

5. The Hills

While the hills can be pretty wonderful themselves, you can actually do something that will make your trip to them more worthwhile. What is that? Paragliding – an extreme sport that can give you the feeling of flying.

Those are some of the sights that you have to see and experiences that you have when you are in Iquique. Hopefully, after seeing and experiencing those, your view of the place will totally change.

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