Afternoon traffic in Iquitos
Photo by: Shazari, Creative Commons

Vacation in the jungle is one of the tour packages that an adventurous will never fail to miss out. Through this exhilarating escapade, the visitors are likely to experience an intimate contact with nature and the wildlife. If you are planning to explore more of the nature’s vast resources, a trip to Iquitos is a good idea.

Iquitos, Peru is a city in the Peruvian Rain forest that is hardly accesible to the outside world. However, this capital city of Loreto Region and Maynas Province is a haven for the adventurous and nature lovers. Strategically located on the Amazon River, tourists from different parts of the world come to this city via plane or boats to seek for an exciting jungle adventure.

The city of Iquitos benefits largely from eco-tourism. The inherent beauty of the Amazon jungle is one of its main attractions. Tourists and researchers arrive to this city to witness biodiversity right before their eyes. The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, which is located 150 kilometers from Iquitos, is the largest reserve in Peru that offers a great diversity of living species. There are atleast 2000 known species thriving in this flooded forest, including the endangered ones.

Aside from the lush rainforest and reserves, Iquitos also offers picturesque shantytowns. One good example is the Belén neighborhood. Belén is actually one of the main tourist attractions in Iquitos. Cruising through the clear river, Belén’s floating houses and local boats gives visitors some ideas about the culture of the local residents in Iquitos. Some people refer to this town as the Venice of the Amazon, which is simply an appropriate title. There is also an open-air market in Belén where tourists can try on some of the local medicinal plants. In case you did not know, the natives of Iquitos have an undying faith in these curative plants, which came as part of their folklore. They believe that all illnesses can be cured through these natural remedies.

To have a better understanding of the city and its rich tradition, tourists are encouraged to visit the Amazon Museum, where most exhibits about the diverse culture of Iquitos can be found. There are also boatrides that allow the tourists to visit indigenous communities such as Boras and Yaguas.

There are plenty of activities to do in Iquitos. Visitors may opt for a canopy walk or bird watching. Slowly traversing the river to get into some key roads is a pleasure trip in itself. Iquitos is such an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of nature while appreciating the abundance of life.

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