Prime Minister’s Residence
Photo by: ~MVI~, Creative Commons

Considered as the twin cities of Pakistan, Islamabad and Rawalpindi are distinct in culture and ancestry. Islamabad, on one hand, is the tame one while Rawalpindi is the wild brother.

Islamabad is a suburban area with less pollution, clear weather, and very little traffic. Roads are wide and lined with roses. It is also very clean and highly maintained. A visit in Islamabad will never turn into a humdrum event because of the many things that you can do within the city. There is a variety of hangouts and food shops that you will enjoy going to while within the city.

Aside from these things, Islamabad is a city of architecture. You should see the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, the Assembly Building, the Awami Markaz, and some of the embassies in Diplomatic Enclave as testament to this.

Rawalpindi is a busy town. Despite the fact that it is considered as the twin city of Islamabad, the remarkable difference between the two cities should be noted. The relaxed nature of Islamabad is the complete opposite of the bustling activities in Rawalpindi. The Raja Bazaar is one of the most visited sites in this town where you can find friendly and hospitable shop owners and almost every item you will ever need.

Historically, Rawalpindi is a garrison town during the Old English Period and up until now, it is the head quarters of the Pakistani Army.

Although these two cities are quite different from each other, nonetheless, Islamabad and Rawalpindi are destinations you need not miss.

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