Inside an ancient mosque in Isphahan
Photo by: rahuldlucca, Creative Commons

If you are quite the fan of religious architecture, then Isphahan is the place for you. This province is a great place to experience Islamic-Iranian architecture. Unlike in Persepolis or other ancient cities in Iran, the architecture is Isphahan is strictly Islamic. But even if it was made with religion strictly in mind, the place remains to be one of the grandest sites to visit for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The beauty and taste of Islamic architecture is renowned and unquestioned across the modern world. No other type of architecture devotes so much thought and effort to architecture. In Isphahan, everything is inspired by Islamic architecture. The greatest example is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Naqsh-e Jahan Square. This is a great complex that contains countless beautifully-crafted mosques and palaces.

Aside from the great square, other things worth seeing would be the province’s bridges. Some of the bridges, which are still used today, were constructed centuries ago. Khaju Bridge is an example. It is amazing how these practical infrastructures were made so beautifully. So much thought was put into making them. Even the smallest and simplest parts of the bridges are intricately detailed.

It is obvious that the people of Isphahan love their god. They love him so much that they made sure to praise him in every aspect of life possible. Surely, he is proud of their effort and handiwork.

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