Lake Issyk-Kul’, Kyrgyzstan
Photo by: Oleg1975, Creative Commons

Unknown to a lot of people, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan is a place where you can find plenty of eye-catching sceneries. Issyk-Kul, the largest lake that can be found in this nation, also holds the tenth position of being the largest lake by volume nationwide. Next to the Caspian Sea, it also holds the crown for being the second largest saline lake ever discovered. Legend says that a King once had a secret that was revealed by a barber inside an uncovered well which created a large hollow lake currently known as Issyk-Kul.

The wide plains and rockbound mountains that you will see are akin to wallpapers you have in your desktop. Just by taking a one day expedition to this place, you will feel like you’ve travelled several countries in just one visit. Resorts, boarding houses and vacation homes are the probable settlement for tourists like you. The feeling of enchantment is natural as the landscapes vary from sandy deserts to soothing meadows. Issyk-Kul lake is also habituated in the same setting that keeps several species of animals like birds and fishes which implies that the place is not limited to tourist alone but to explorers and adventurers as well. Over a hundred of water scenery can be found within the hollow. Seven miracle-giving water deposits, flumes and countless waterfalls comprise the whole Issyk-Kul Hollow.

If you want to see the harmony of flora and fauna, then Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan is the place to be. Prepare your things now and start to book a flight off to Kyrgyzstan.

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