Clinton House in Ithaca, New York
Photo by: Opus33, Creative Commons

Many wine enthusiasts turn to the West Coast in the pursuit of great-tasting wine. They may not be aware that some of the finest of wines are also made in New York. Wineries in Ithaca are testimonies that New York can make wines that can equal or even best those in the West Coast.

Ithaca is a small town situated in the western part of New York. It is located in region of Finger Lakes, an area known for making one of the finest wines in America. The climate and soil in this particular region are perfect for cultivating grapes. New York wines come in different blends that appeal to drinkers’ varying tastes. Tourists who visit Ithaca make it a point to include its wineries in their itinerary of places to visit.

For instance, Finger Lakes Winery has winery exploration packages for tourists. Finger Lakes Winery includes different transportation options including stretch limousines, cars, buses and trolleys. The company can pick up a tourist from any point in New York State. Moreover, the exploration packages can be customized to fit the preference of the person or group.

Tourists who explore the wineries in Ithaca can choose from different wine trails. The Seneca Wine Trail is usually recommended for people who cannot visit too long. There are 30 wineries on this trail, each of them open and willing to do tasting. Tourists will surely have fun testing the different blends of wine from the region. On the other hand, the Cayuga Wine Trail is perfect for people who have a lot of time in their hands. The trail is more relaxed and gives tourists a longer time to bask in the scenic beauty of the Finger Lakes region. The Keuka Wine Trail includes eight wineries, some of which are the most famous in the region. On this trail, a tourist can learn about the wine-making process while riding a horse-drawn hayride. The tourist can also visit the breathtaking Keuka Lake as well as the celebrated wineries Bully Hill and Dr. Frank.

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