Ivalo Ice Gallery
Photo by: arcticroute.com, Creative Commons

For tourists looking for a total Finnish experience, one of the best options is the small town called Ivalo.

Situated on the Ivalojoki River, Ivalo is ideal for water activities like canoeing. A famous route for canoeing enthusiasts starts from Kuttura and goes all the way to Ivalo. Tourists in Ivalo typically spend their summer holidays through mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, and hiking. Winter also proves to be a busy season for both Ivalo and its visitors, as the latter can have a good time with activities such as reindeer sledge riding, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Ivalo has a variety of services and shops where tourists can get items that will remind them of their Ivalo vacation. The most famous souvenir item in Ivalo is wine, so if you want to take home some booze, there are shops in the city where you can buy cognac and fernet to your heart’s desire.

A unique and interesting subculture you should never miss in Ivalo is gold panning. A good number of people in Ivalo pan the Ivalojoki River for gold and then trade it for beverages in Hotel Kultahippu.

Have you planned your Ivalo trip yet? One of the things you have to think about is how to get there. In Helsinki, there are daily flights to Ivalo. In Rovaniemi, all daily buses stop in Ivalo. Going to different parts of Ivalo is made easy because of the many companies that offer car rental services to tourists in Finland. So make your reservations and pack your things now to start enjoying your Ivalo trip!

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