Ivano-Frankovsk along the Carpathian mountains
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

The city of Ivano-Frankovsk is located in West Ukraine. It is a famous historical center with more than two hundred thousand residents. It is also a well-known tourist destination because of its beautiful architecture, museums, restaurants, theatres, cafés, and nearness to the Carpathian mountain region. Hoverla, Ukraine’s highest mountain is located just one hundred and twenty kilometers from Ivano-Frankovsk. That is why plenty of tourists go here every year. Additionally, this city has warm summer seasons and quite cold winter seasons. So, it is really a great place to develop tourism. Nevertheless, tourists can get to it either by airplanes or by trains.

The Baroque city center of Ivano-Frankovsk can be toured by foot. Tourists will see the Cathedral, the old brewery, and the Armenian Church as they walk along. Then, they can also visit museums such as the Regional Museum and the Museum of Art if they want to find out about the local art and the lifestyles of Ukrainians. Another popular tourist spot is the Market Square. This is where the old city hall, known as Ratusha, and the Armenian Church are located. A couple more churches are also found here. These are the Church of the Holy Resurrection and the Church of Virgin Mary. Jesuit Kostel and the monument of the Battle of Grunwald are other interesting sights, as well.

Tourists may also delight in wandering around the large Shevchenko Park and the Market Place. They could also shop in stores situated at the Stometrivka of the Halytska Street. Or they could go to the White House with monuments of Shevchenko and Franko. And when they get tired, they could check out the good dining places around. Ivano-Frankovsk dishes are good and inexpensive. So, one could have a full meal that is very reasonably priced. Even local pubs sell really cheap beers and snacks. This is really the place to get the most out of one’s money. But when shopping at supermarkets, the prices of goods vary. Local goods are significantly less expensive that the Western-labeled goods.

Also, there are quite a lot of sports clubs around Ivano-Frankovsk. Football clubs are copious here. But there are also basketball, hockey, and rugby clubs. So, tourists who are really into sports will surely like this place. Moreover, numerous folk and national festivals are held here. Among them are Hutsul Festival, Precarpathian Spring Theater Festival, International Blacksmiths’ Festival, Carpathian Vernisage, and Verteps’ Festival.

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