Jagged Mountain

What is attracting more and more tourists to Antarctica? The temperature is so cold that it is difficult to find a reason behind their expeditions. They want to visit the Jagged Mountain. Make sure to include this in your schedule when you visit Antarctica.

The Jagged Mountain is such a breath-taking view especially for tourists who love to take beautiful pictures as well as those who would want to climb the rough terrains. What will you see during your stay at the Jagged Mountain? Well for starters, there is the Nunataks. They are not abominable monsters they can sometimes appear to be. They are called Jagged Mountain since they have peaks that jut upwards as high as any tall building.

The next natural phenomenon would be the Razor which happens to be a vertical rock wall that stands a whopping 2,000 feet. Did you know that it remained unscaled for years until someone broke the record in 1996? There is so much for you to see in the Jagged Mountain and you definitely need your hiking boots and extra food. Keep in mind that any travel across continents does come with a hefty price. Antarctica is not an inexpensive trip, so better save up!

Since the Razor was already scaled or someone climbed it already, there are still virgin summits waiting for you at the Jagged Mountain. As every tourist should always keep in mind, never forget your gear. Not all places are complete with stores for you to go for if you need additional supplies. So pack up and prepare yourself for the worst case scenarios that can possibly take place like sudden snowstorms, avalanches or even shortage of food. Even though, this is a remarkable tourist destination, it pays to always be prepared.

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