Photo by:
Esme Vos
, Creative Commons

Aside from the popular Desert Castles, the country of Jordan has many other structures and historical sites. One of these is the Jerash site in Jordan which is also known as the “Pompeii of Asia.” Jerash is located 48 km on the northern part of Amman and is situated on the valley of Gilead. The Jerash site boasts of being one of the most preserved and largest Roman architecture built outside Italy where the Romans created a great civilization. Until today, the grand structures such as streets, temples, public plazas, squares, baths, walls and fountains are in good condition.

The place has been created during the Neolithic age some 6500 years ago. Traveling to the Jerash is ideal during the spring since the climate is good and the wild flowers in the area are in bloom providing a nice vibe and ambiance for visitors. Also, the view contrasting the old city to the modern structures of Jerash is outstanding.

For visitors, there are many places worth touring in the area such as Hadrian’s arch, the Corunthium column, circus, temples dedicated to Artemis and Zeus, the Forum, the South Theatre and the North Theater and many other well preserved buildings displaying great architecture and art.

A contrasting cathedral was built during the 4th century with an ancient synagogue which has marvelous mosaics can also be found in the area alongside some thirteen churches which were built by the Christian community who settled in Jerash during 400 to 600 AD.

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