Jerba Island

Waiting for the Jorf-Ajim Ferry at Jerba Island
Photo by: upyernoz, Creative Commons

The Isle of Djerba, more popularly known as Jerba Island, is the biggest island in North Africa. Also called the “Polynesia of the Mediterranean,” Jerba Island has many interesting attractions such as luxurious hotels, fine sandy beaches, ancient fortresses, mosques, castles, and classic Roman sites. The island is very accessible to many European countries such as Italy, Germany, France, and Czech Republic, as there are direct international flights from Europe to Djerba. That is why if you’re coming from Europe, the Jerba Island is the perfect place to start exploring the southern part of Tunisia.
One of the places in Jerba Island that’s frequented by many tourists is the town of Ajim, which is one of the locations for filming the first Star Wars movie in 1977.

Jerba island is home to an old Jewish community. A synagogue worthy of a visit is the El Ghriba synagogue, which is the most popular and oldest in the world. The tourist spot has existed for more than 2,000 years.
Beach enthusiasts will be delighted with the safe beaches on the east coast that offer serenity and relaxation, thanks to the breathtaking view of the blue skies and calm waters. High-quality hotels and exciting water sports are the other good reasons for visiting the beaches in Jerba Island.

If you are interested in exploring the Tunisian culture, you should drop by Jerba’s main town, Houmt Souk, which has many sights to offer. You will pass by women wearing the traditional attire made of white cloth with orange trimmings topped with a straw hat. You can also find bargains such as spices, wicker furniture, leather crafts, and jewelries. Most restaurants in the Souk serve a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes.
Do you want to visit Jerba? Allot half a day for exploring the island, since this destination is relatively small. You can arrange a tour and hire a taxi through the hotel where you can stay for the rest of your vacation.

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