Jounieh Bay
Photo by: Serge Melki, Creative Commons

An escape to Jounieh, Lebanon may just one of the most wonderful journeys in your life. The ancient civilization that blends well with modern-day living will daze anyone who will come and visit the place. There are chains of adventure and breathtaking sights to explore, making your vacation a superb memory to treasure.

A Haven for Entrepreneurship

If you have a passion for business, then this is a perfect city for you to visit. Trade and commerce is almost everywhere, and people would love to sell anything from food to souvenir items. The center of the city is congested with restaurants, boutiques, antique shops, and clubs. The night-time is not totally different from the day, because the streets remain active and crammed with merchants and party people. Moreover, a lot of tourists enjoy barbeque parties at the streets with some beers.


The Statue of Our Lady of Harissa. This towering figure soars high at the port of Jounieh and greets visitors as they enter the port. Anyone who wishes to go near this statue will have to take a cable car.

The Jounieh Bay Area. This is a very beautiful and romantic place, especially during sunset. It overlooks the magnificent view of the other side of the city from afar, and it is a perfect spot for lovers.

Dog River. It is a small body of water that adds beauty to the city’s natural landscape. A stroll along this river will lead you to a huge rock where faces of the great rulers of Egypt and the Arab world were carved.

Mount Lebanon. If want to see some natural masterpieces, then this is a perfect spot for you. You will explore different landscapes, as well as wild flowers. On a cave located near the base of this mountain, you will find colorful rock formations of stalagmites.

The Municipal Hall. This very important building at the center of the city is also a tourist attraction. Apart from the council meeting being held inside, this building takes pride in its impressive structural design.

The Lebanese Heritage Museum. One of the biggest houses of art in the country, this museum is home to thousands of painting, sculpture, literature, and other artefacts that are considered proofs to the existence of Phoenician culture and the glories of empires that once ruled in the city.

Casino Du Liban. This is an entertainment hub located at the northern part of Jounieh. Casino games and concerts are held here.

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