Jubayl (Jbeil)

Jubayl church
Photo by: Serge Melki, Creative Commons

A travel to Jubayl can turn into an extraordinary experience. You will find yourself stuck in the past, specifically during the Neolithic times when Phoenicians first ruled this place. You will be amazed with the well-preserve ruins, eye-catching pillars and arches, as well as beautiful temples and churches. Indeed, there is so much to see in this city than you can ever imagine.

As an industrial centre, this city plays an essential role in saving Lebanon’s economy. You can spot several big companies that rule the business world. But more to its industrial function, this city is also a major tourist’s destination in the country. it does not only take pride in its majestic landmarks, but more so on the thrill and excitement that it can deliver to its guests through the series of activities that they can take pleasure in and the delicious cuisine that makes this city truly unforgettable.

Sites to visit

One of the major tourist’s sites is the Byblos, which is an old Phoenician city. You will discover some of the ruins of the people of the past in this place, such as pillars and arches that were built with so much artistry.

The Roman castle separates time in this city. Earlier you visited ruins of one of the earliest groups of people in the world; here you will sense the life of one of the toughest conquerors of the world, the Romans. The castle is walled high in bricks and it was erected at a spot were it complements perfectly a vast landscape.

For nature explorers, the best site to visit when you are in Jubayl is the Coast of Byblos that will astound you with bizarre rock formations. You will also witness big harsh waves that hit the cliffs and the base of the mountains.

The huge rock at the middle of Byblos is also a must-see. It may be considered as a unique sculpture, but it is actually a simple masterpiece of nature. It serves as a landmark, and at the same time, a picture-perfect natural wonder.

Things to do

In any vacation, you will always crave for a siesta time. You can do this all you want in some of the fine-looking resorts and hotels in the city. In winter days, when the climate becomes cool and humid, you can go skiing at some of the private mountain ski resorts. While during summer days, when the climate is mostly hot and dry, shopping is the best thing to do, but you should also watch out for some sand storm that hits Jubayl during this time of the year.

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