Juliasdale is a town located in Manicaland, Zimbabwe. The town is most famous for being the place where the first ever casino in the country was opened. However, that is not the only reason for people to visit Juliasdale. The mountainous Eastern Highland around the area provides tourists some lovely places to visit.

Places to visit:

• Ziwa Ruins – Among the ruins located near Juliasdale, the Ziwa ruins are the most popular and the most impressive. In 1946, it was declared as a National Monument; discussion is still going on whether the Ziwa Ruins will be listed as a World Heritage. It contains numerous ancient stone structures as well as pottery.

• The Eastern Highland – It is a mountain range located on the eastern side of Zimbabwe. The highland itself is a wondrous sight to behold but there are many places inside the area that attracts tourists. There’s the Mutarazi Falls, Africa’s second longest waterfall. The Honde Valley where the Pungwe and Honde River are located; it is quite steep. There are an abundance of tea and coffee growing in the Honde Valley due to its climate and topography. The famous Mutarazi Falls is also located in the Honde Valley which constantly attracts tourists.

• Nyanga National Park – Though it is located in Nyanga, a separate town, Juliasdale is really close and it is the last town tourists pass through to get to the park. There are many activities in the National Park such as hiking, camping, fishing, horse riding and boating. There are also numerous rivers and dams located in the park.

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