Ylistö Bridge in Jyväskylä, Finland
Photo by: wikipedia commons, Creative Commons

Jyvaskyla is considered the Athens of Finland because it is where the many educational innovations occur in the country. It is also known for its numerous buildings that were designed by Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto, a notable Finnish architect and designer who hailed from Jyvaskyla.

Jyvaskyla caters to almost every tourist with its vibrant urban center and its charming Finnish nature. One of the activities that visitors enjoy the most is cruising on the lakes around the city. Tourists can also learn about the rich culture of Finland by attending the art exhibitions, theater performances, concerts, and other events held in Jyvaskyla. The city is famous for its yearly Jyväskylä Arts Festival, which is the oldest of its kind in Finland.

For the musically inclined, there are lots of bands, choirs, and chamber orchestras to choose from. Performances range from classical and opera music to jazz and rock. Just like other Finnish cities, Jyvaskyla has its own variety of museums that are open for everyone.

Every year, various national and international trade fairs as well as conferences take place in Jyvaskyla. That is one reason for the influx of visitors from around the world to this lovely Finnish city. The events are usually held at the Congress and Trade Fair Center (Jyväskylä Paviljonki). The venue is strategically located at the center of the city and provides convenient access to a wide array of restaurants, hotels, and shops.

Indeed, Jyvaskyla caters to the different tastes and interests of its thousands of visitors.

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