An example of architecture found in K’ut”aisi, Georgia
Photo by: imolcho , Creative Commons

K’ut’aisi, Georgia is Georgia’s second city and is considered as one of the most historical places in the world. An ancient city that played many significant roles in the Georgia’s historical past, K’ut’aisi offers a very rich and fantastic history. The town and its other districts have been attractively designed and structured. There are many places to visit in K’ut’aisi. At the moment, the second city of Georgia is under economic rehabilitation but attractions plentiful for tourists and guests.

Here are a few of them:

The Motsameta Monastery – A 5 kilometer drive from K’ut’aisi, this old monastery is a very beautiful and stunning church that is surrounded by the forest. There are many things that can be seen here and there is also a trail that leads to higher parts of the city. Right next to the entrance of the church, a river can be found. This clean and crystal clear water is a good place to relax and swim.

Private Museum – K’ut’aisi Georgia is also not without historical museums. The Kliadashvili 131 which can be reached by bus is an old ethnographical museum. This museum contains examples Georgian tools and hundreds of history books.

Gerlati Monastery – Gerlati Monastery is also one of K’ut’aisi Georgia’s famous travel destinations. Tourist can get here by taking a vehicle from K’ut’aisi to Gelati that operates on a daily basis. Right next to the monastery, a drinkable well can be found that is said to be miraculous because of its healing powers.

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