K Street Mall

Light Rail Train to K Street Mall
Photo by: El Cobrador, Creative Commons

The K Street Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in California today. Located within the Westfield Downtown Plaza and 13th street, the mall is closed to vehicular traffic and only pedestrians are allowed to enter the mall’s parking space. The mall regularly operates as the only shopping center in Sacramento that provides a specially designed “Light Train” where shoppers are allowed to take a ride along the mall.

The Mall has a six-block extension facing the western Downtown Sacramento area. The mall has two separate movie theatres. The theatres are said to be specially designed to develop technology in showing movies at cinema houses. “The Crest” is the street mall’s trademark theatre. The Crest is the first movie theatre built and established in the Westfield Downtown Plaza. During the early years, the theatre showcased repertory films and critically-acclaimed classical productions.

The Crest was recently renovated to showcase more quality Hollywood films, independent masterpieces and foreign art films. The “Esquire IMAX” is the newly renovated theatre located along the K street mall. The theatre features a showcase of films shot in High Definition and 3D camera. The mall is frequently visited by local residents and visitors for it’s variety of diverse shopping stores and restaurants located along the sidewalk area.

The K Street is where visitors can find two of the most elegant hotels in California today. The Delta King Hotel is one of the largest hotels along the Westfield Downtown Plaza. Only a stone throw’s away from the shopping center, the Delta King Hotel is famous for its overall interior features and providing a wide panoramic view of the city’s skyline. The Holiday Inn Sacramento is one of the oldest and finest five-star hotels located within the K Street Mall and Westfield Downtown Plaza.

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