A Rainbow just off the Kaanapali coastline
Photo by: James Temple, Creative Commons

Hawaii is one of the favorite vacation destinations for a lot of people. With Honolulu being the most popular, there are still other places that are as beautiful. Have you ever been to Maui?

Maui is known for its beautiful beaches and scenic natural wonders. If you love the beach, you will surely enjoy going to the heavenly beaches of Kaanapali, Hawaii. Kaanapali Beach is West Maui’s most popular beach; it is about a 50-minute ride from Kahului Airport.

It boasts of a three-mile white sand spread with crystal clear waters. The Kaanapali Beach was once declared as America’s Best Beach. This popular beach used to serve as a vacation place for the royals of Hawaii but is now a world renowned vacation spot.

The Kaanapali Beach was first resort to be developed and has since become a model for most resorts not just in America but all over the world. There are five hotels and six condominium villages in the area so if you are planning of spending the night at the beach, there wouldn’t be any hassles at all.

Fronting the Kaanapali Beach is the open air Whalers Village. It is a shopping haven for people who love to shop. Aside from a wide array of shops to choose from, there are also restaurants in the facility, as well as a whaling museum.

For golf enthusiasts, there are two championship golf courses in Kaanapali: Royal Kaanapali and Kaanapali Kai. You might even witness a breaching whale as you are getting ready to take a shot.

Another popular attraction in Kaanapali is the daily cliff diving ceremony at Puu Kekaa, also known as Black Rock. Puu Kekaa is found at the northernmost cliff in the island of Maui. This special event is held every night while the sun is setting. Cliff divers reenact a feat by King Kahekili – upon lighting the torches that are lined along the cliff, they dive off of Puu Kekaa.

If you want to experience Hawaii but would want to try a place other than Honolulu, the Kaanapali Beach in the island of Maui is your best choice!

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