View of Volcanic Mountain Lake from Kabale, Uganda.
Photo by: zeroexposure, Creative Commons

The city of Kabale, Uganda opens the doors to the great African outdoors. This small market town is considered to be Uganda’s transportation hub as its main road leads out of the Ugandan capital of Kampala, right down to the border towards Rwanda and Congo. Taking this main road will take you through magnificent rolling hills towards major outdoor tourist attractions. The most famous of these outdoor adventure spots are Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Mgahinga National Park. These two parks are known for regular gorilla watching tours. These gorilla watching tours are tightly controlled and are limited to only to a few trips. If you are thinking of including this activity on your Ugandan vacation, you have to book your tour at least three months before your scheduled trip. It is also advisable to bring jungle boots and rain jackets to allow you to navigate through the wet ground with ease. Even though Uganda is generally hot and dry, Kabala can be quite cool and wet because of its altitude. Kabale is very dry and dusty from July to September.

Another tourist attraction you can visit in Kabale is Lake Bunyonyi. You can easily get from Kampala to the lake through Kabale. There are a host of tourist facilities that are available in Lake Bunyonyi. If you are taking the trip via private transportation, you have to be careful when driving through the steep roads to the lake especially if the road is wet. You can try walking to the lake from Kabale but it takes about two to three hours to get there. Another route you can opt for is to wait for the public transport at the junction to the lake. Spending the night in Kabale is not unusual for most tourists. There are many interesting places where you can find accommodations in Kabale. After a restful night, you can wake up to a misty morning to start off your outdoor adventure.

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