Kabul – Birds eye-view of Babur’s Garden
Photo by: Carl Montgomery, Creative Commons

Dreaming of a thrilling trip? Well, there great surprises that awaits you at Kabul, Afghanistan that will surely take your breath away. Experience the post-war scenario in this historical city that gave birth to one of the bravest people on earth today, the Taliban.

But more than just knowing its past, this city offers great deals of vacation packages that you and your family can truly enjoy. There are different hot spots you can visit in a three-day tour package, and more inimitable activities to do.

Sites to see

As contrary to what most people expect from this place, you will be seeing less of desert and more breathtaking scenarios. Some of the notable spots to visit are the Kuh-e Darwaza, where tall ancient city walls were built centuries ago, and the Shor Bazaar, which is an old part of the city and boasts a huge bird market.

Another regal site to visit in Kabul, Afghanistan is the Babur’s garden. It is a significant place among locals because it is where the great Mugul Emperor, Babar, is buried. It also has an oasis that makes the spot a cool place to do some recreational activities. Other places that you should not miss are the Noon Cannon, Mausoleum of Timur Shah, and the Shahdo-Shamshira Mosque.

A unique dining experience

After a day’s tour around the city, the next best thing that you should do is to sit down and dine. Kabul takes pride on its dishes that resembles Indian cooking, thus you should expect some hot and spicy tang in the food. You can also have a taste of their world-famous bread, the Naan, which is a perfect soup mate. Moreover, you should also savour the homemade wine and some unique fruit mix drinks.

Kabul, Afghanistan may be a famous place in world history because of the war that took place. But more than the damages that the war had caused are the great sceneries and tourist spots that continue to stand with pride.

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