Kaduna Airport
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Kaduna city is the capital of the Kaduna State in North Central Nigeria. Kaduna, which is situated on Kaduna River, is a business hub and a main transportation center for the neighboring agricultural regions. Kaduna is symbolized by a crocodile that is called Kada in native Hausa language.

History of Kaduna
Kaduna was discovered in 1913 by the British and became capital of the former Northern region of Nigeria in 1917. It kept this standing until year 1967.

The Kaduna Parade
People hailing from the city of Kaduna are Emmanuel, Fiona Fullerton (a former Bond girl and British actress), and Victor Moses and Celestine Babayaro (Nigerian football players).

Kaduna’s Transport and Economy
Kaduna city is an industrial hub of Northern Nigeria with industrialized products such as bearings, petroleum products, aluminum, steel, machinery and textiles.

Pottery is greatly priced in Kaduna, particularly from Maraban-Jos, which is close behind Minna and Abuja. The central highway through Kaduna is named the Ahmadu Bello Way. A lot of the names of the places are derived from former emirs, decorated Civil War heroes and sultans. Kaduna has a big market, newly rebuilt following a wide fire within the 1990s.

Kaduna has a big racecourse, about one mile around, inside which the Kaduna Crocodile Club and Ahmathe du Yakubu Polo Club are located, while the Rugby and Kaduna Clubs are on the border. The city has two airports, one being the Kaduna Airport. The head office of the Chanchangi Airlines is located in Kaduna city.

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