The quiet city of Kaedi, Mauritania should be one of the places to go to should you decide on a trip for this year. It is not as hot and sandy as the other nearby places since there are a lot of days when rain is present. So pack your bags and choose clothes that would be appropriate for their weather changes. Don’t forget to bring your camera since Kaedi, is such a wonderful place to capture moments with your family or better yet bring your tripod should you go there on your own.

One great adventure here at Kaedi, Mauritania is the chance to see different kinds of animals freely roaming around. You will get to witness them up close and personal for your award-winning shots. These are the zebu, sheep and goat. Although you also could see sheep and goats in your city or zoo, these animals are not domesticated at all! They will be very annoyed at you if you persistently try to catch their attention so keep a good distance from them if you do not want to be kicked or charged.

Other sites to choose from are national museums and heritage parks. Yes, even though they seem to be in the middle of nowhere, you can reach them through train. This ride would be challenging for you since imagine it as the only source of transportation among nearby cities. A lot of people would be zooming past you so guard your pockets against trouble.

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