Kaifeng City

Kaifeng-Justice Bao's home 400
Justice Bao’s Mansion in Kaifeng
Photo by: kevinpoh, Creative Commons

One of Kaifeng’s well known historical sites is the Iron Pagoda. Standing fifty five meters high, the iron pagoda is an eight sided frame. It is covered with more than a thousand clay tiles. These tiles were treated with an iron glaze that is as thin as paper. There are other notable sites in Kaifeng like the Lord Bao Temple, the Xiangguo temple, and the Dragon Pavilion. These sites document Chinese culture and history.

Kaifeng is known as one of six, main centers of ancient Chinese civilization. Kaifeng has been the capital of the kingdom during the Wei, Liang, Han, and Zhou Dynasties.

The Lord Bao Temple standing near the Lord Bao Lake in Kaifeng covers an area of approximately one hectare. The temple is divided into three main sections: the exhibition area, the garden area, and the function service area. Historic materials about Duke Bao and his statues can be found in the temple.

Also, Kaifeng had been the capital of the Song Dynasty. Today, the streets are filled with small shops and taverns dating back thousands of years ago. The City is being reconstructed today in addition to another street named Sihoujie.

Kaifeng is an example of combined influences when it comes to architecture. Influences from past dynasties are evident in the temples and other structures in Kaifeng. Also, food and other delicacies in Kaifeng share a combination of influences from Chinese and Jewish culture. Among the residents in the city are the “Kaifeng Jews.” They have lived there since the Song Dynasty, up to the 19th Century. This is a rare combination of culture and religion in one land.

The night market in Kaifeng is a must go. However, knowing basic Chinese may prove beneficial when making the shopping rounds.

Kaifeng’s place in China’s history and culture is immeasurable. Its role through the years as the capital of different dynasties earned the city unprecedented influences that allows it to stand out.

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