Frolicking on Kailua Beach
Photo by: pred_de, Creative Commons

Visitors who are visiting Kailua, Hawaii for the first time can expect a wide range of activities waiting for them. Kailua is on the windward side of the island of Oahu. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Kailua has the best beaches in the world. Aside from swimming, there are other activities that you will surely love, such as surfing, kayaking, and wakeboarding. While those who prefer the indoors, there are a lot of museums and art galleries that they can visit.

Kailua boasts of having the best beach in the island, the Lanikai Beach. Visitors and residents alike will enjoy strolling on the beach covered with soft sand. The water is crystal clear and blue as the sky. You also get a breathtaking view of two small offshore islands from a distance. The Lanikai Beach can also be considered as one of the cleanest beaches there is. So if you love the sea, grab your swim suit, a beach towel, and apply some sunscreen and enjoy frolicking in the sand of Lanikai Beach.

A perfect activity to do while in Kailua is kayaking in the clear waters of the Kailua Beach. This particular beach is known to be the home of large sea turtles and spectacular coral reefs. Aside from kayaking, you will also enjoy a host of other water activities like windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddling. Your visit to Kailua will not be complete if you don’t engage in these various outdoor activities.

Did you know that Kailua is also known for its most comprehensive Barbie doll collection? You will surely enjoy going to Hawaii Loves Barbie Dolls Museum and feel like a child again. Aside from Barbie dolls, this unique museum is also home to other popular toys like G.I. Jo action figures, Madame Alexander dolls, as well as Qupie dolls.

For art enthusiasts, the Rankin Gallery is a favorite destination. Here you will find a lot of artworks from local artists.

People who have diverse interests will definitely enjoy visiting Kailua, Hawaii.

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