Kakopetria, Cyprus
Photo by: mamchenkov , Creative Commons

Kakopetria means ‘bad rock’ in Greek. The town got its name from the story of a couple who danced around a rock. During the old days, couples engaged to be married have to dance around a rock; but the rock fell down and killed the groom. And that incident inaugurated the town’s name. Even so, Kakopetria, Cyprus is a very beautiful town in the mountains. It is only fifteen kilometers away from Mount Olympus. And similar to other towns in Cyprus, Kakopetria is also separated into two areas: the old settlement on the Karkotis River’s east shore and the modern area with banks, cafes, and shops. Kakopetria is such a small town with a population of just approximately two thousand. It is also famous for its excellent vegetation. Apples, pears, peaches, and apricots are among its high-quality products.

Lots of old buildings are found in the old area. And if inspected closely, initials and dates are scrawled on the frames of doors. These are evidences that most of the old buildings are properties of residents who escaped to northern Cyprus. Kakopetria, Cyprus is also very popular for its summer resorts and winter ski slopes. Plus, several ancient and archaic churches such as the Agios Nicolas tis Stegis may be visited. Furthermore, wonderful and cozy hotels are also the highlights of visits in Kakopetria. The Linos Inn, for instance, has quite a bucolic façade but it is very luxurious inside. Tourists may choose rooms with normal bathrooms, single Jacuzzis, or double Jacuzzis. Antique and beautiful furniture are also included in every room. And the old settlement of Kakopetria may be viewed from the room’s balcony.

The Mill Hotel is another one of the best places to stay in Kakopetria, Cyprus. The suites in this hotel are fantastic. The hotel service is excellent, as well. In addition, it serves first rate and elegant dinners. And the breakfast foods are laid on a buffet table. Advance booking must also be done though. Certainly, a lot of other tourists are making their reservations. But the high quality amenities and the fabulous experiences are all worth the efforts.

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