A beautiful sunset in Kampot, Cambodia.

Photo by: popiet, Creative Commons

Kampot Cambodia is widely known for its Pepper Plantations and Durian farming. This province is located on both sides of Teuk Chhou or Prek Thom River, which is very close to Vietnam Ocean. Three different bridges connect the whole Kampot province where local famous restaurants, markets and guesthouses can be found. Kampot town is the capital of Kampot province that offers the best starting point for trips to Bokor Mountain. Kampot province also offers a great and relaxing escape from the rest of Cambodia. Its riverfronts and mountains are fairly quiet and offer a majestic ambiance.

There are many attractions and activities that can be done in Kampot Cambodia.

• Aside from its riverfronts and mountains, tourist can also rent bicycles and wander around the central city, visit small caves near Buddhist shrines and even watch football games
• The eastside of Kampot facing towards the ocean is also a good place to visit where Cham Muslims communities can be found.
• Tourists can also visit the Buddhist Temple, which is located right across the Kampot River. This place is very rich in Kampot history which is open to tourists.
• Right next to the temple, past the salt field, Kampot’s famous black pepper and durian farming can be found. Kampot became very popular because of these products. The Durian plantation produces Durians which is one fruit that is worth trying. Although this fruit throws in a very foul odor, its taste is remarkably great. Eating this fruit definitely is one activity you shouldn’t miss when visiting Kampot Cambodia.

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