Photo by: kaet44, Creative Commons

More and more tourists have wandered off to a splendid getaway at Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. This place used to be an airbase for the United States of America around the early part of the 90s. So you will be relieved in finding an international airport with at par standards with what you have at home. What tourists love in this place is the wildlife which could only be found a few miles off the airport. In some areas, you have to travel far just to get a look at their wild animals.

Here are Kangerlussuaq you will be able to see falcons, eagles and even ravens flying above you. Good thing that they do not wander off near the airports since they could get sucked in the airplaneā€™s engines. Their wildlife happens to be one of the things that attract thousand of tourists to this place and aside from that, you could also see reindeers, musk ox and even artic foxes that you cannot see at your place.

Kangerlussuaq can be accessed by bicycle since you can visit the other places by this means of transportation. If you are not much of a biker, you can easily use a car, ride a horse or even hike by foot.

What lure tourists to Kangerlussuaq are the icebergs that seem to endlessly float there. There are wonderful glaciers and ice caps which you could ride a boat to come closer to them. Did you know that you could also rent a kayak and do the paddling yourself as you inch closer to these huge ice boulders? Do pack your camera for this unforgettable experience but make sure they are water-proof or they are encased in waterproof bags just in case your camera takes a dip in the waters.

Aside from their magnificent view, the air is so clear and clean that you could breathe deeply in this place without having second thoughts if the ozone layer has pollutants that would make you sick. So better get a chance to go dog-sledging! You will be amazed at how efficient these snow dogs are to make your trip all the more worthwhile.

Hotel accommodation is not a problem since there are numerous lodges for you to choose from depending on your budget. Indeed, this beautiful place where the sun never sets during the summer season is a must see for your trip.

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