Kanggye is a transportation hub and is known as the provincial capital of Chagang. It is topographically located at a spot where four rivers meet and is connected to many cities by land, water, and air. It is connected to Pyongyang and other locations by highways and railways.

It was historically a military interest since the Joseon Dynasty because of its topography.

As a capital, it is the home of the Kanggye Timber Processing Factory, a furniture production factory that is run by the state. Today, this factory has been greatly modernized and has gone a long way from producing only dining tables and chopsticks during its early years. It is now a well-developed, comprehensive woodworking facility in the heart of Kanggye.

The climate in Kanggye is temperate. Summers are warm with a slight coldness during nighttime. Winters are biting cold with clear skies. During the early spring, it is usually sunny with a hint of coldness in the air. Autumn can be very changing so prepare for it.

One of the places that you need to visit in Kanggye is the Inphung Pavilion. It is located in the middle of the city and is a cultural recreation area for most people. The Inphung Pavilion is a wooden hall which is said to show national character and architecture in North Korea. It is also regarded as one of the eight beauty spots during the old times.

You can also visit the Mangmi Pavilion, a former military command post that stands on a granite cliff. Aside from this, you can also go to the Kanggye Public Office which has been converted as the Kanggye History Museum.

Another spot that you could visit in Kanggye is Mount Ryonhwa.

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