Streets of Kant, Kyrgyzstan
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

If you are looking for a unique place to spend vacation, why don’t you try to go to Kant, Kyrgyzstan? Kant is a Kyrgyz word for sugar which implies that you will be having a sweet and delicious treat when you go to these five marvelous locations.

Abdysh Ata Brewery – Because the city is known for being the most industrialized center, you can find their largest brewery here that is also recognized in other countries for producing tasty drinks.

Kant Air Base – The place where famous personalities were trained to become a professional pilot in the early 50s is now regarded as Russia’s Air Force Base.

Mosque in Pervomayskoe – Is respected not only because it is a religious institution but because of its distinctive design and structure. Three symmetrical windows can be seen beside the edifice, with a tall tower-like construction beside it. The roofs have a silver color accent to attract and beautify the building even after numerous generations have passed.

Milianfan village – A small community situated in the southern area of the famous Chuy River, is covered in vast green meadows where Dungans live. Dungans are half-Chinese, half-Muslims who migrated in Kyrgyzstan. Sergeant Mansuz Vanahun, a Russian hero who lived in this town, had a house that was later on declared as a museum after his death.

These are just some of the possible attractions you can see in Kant, Kyrgyzstan. Other breath-taking sites are just hanging around the corner waiting for your appreciation. Do not be scared to get out of your comfort zone and explore this country right away.

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