Kaoshiung, Taiwan
Photo by: [J], Creative Commons

Famously known as the second largest city in Taiwan next to Taipei, Kaoshiung is known as having the third largest terminal in the world. Kaoshiung is an industrialized city that is home to breathe taking landscapes and captivating views. There are many places to visit here in Kaoshiung, and hundreds of activities that can be done.

Here are some of the popular places that can only be located in Kaoshiung Taiwan.

• Mt. Shou – or sometimes called as Mt. Longevity, is located at the southwest edge of the Kaoshiung city. It provides the best lookout in Kaoshiung area. With an elevation of 328 meters, the whole Kaoshiung city can be viewed including the Taiwan Straits. This friendly mountain is also offers a romantic view for lovers and tourist.
• ChiChin Seashore Park – ChiChin Seashore Park is actually one of this city’s famous tourist destinations. The park is subdivided into four different sections, the beach area, the sea view path, the wild area, and ecological park. ChiChin Park can be reached by riding a bus or by taking a ferry. Admission here is free of charge.
• Tienhou Temple – Tienhou temple is actually one of Kaoshiun’s oldest architectural structures. This historical structure was built in 1691 and was dedicated to the Goddess of the sea, Matsu. To make the visit enjoyable and memorable, from ChiChin Park tourists can take a short pedicab ride down to Tienhou Temple instead of taking the usual ride.
• ChengChing Lake – Aside from the historical structures, captivating mountain views, and tranquilizing beauty of the beaches, ChengChing Lake is also one of the best places to visit in Kaoshiung Taiwan. Located on the outskirt of the city, ChengChing lakes cover 375 hectares of untampered natural beauty. There are many activities that can be done here which includes biking, camping and sight seeing.

Kaoshiung City offers beauty beyond expectation and this is definitely one city that is worth considering in your next travel vacation.

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