Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge)

Kapellbrucke 400
Kapellbrucke in Lucerne
Photo by: edwin.11, Creative Commons

Kapellbrücke, or Chapel Bridge, is a massive structure that measures 204 meters long. The bridge is located on the Reuss River, Lucerne City Switzerland; it is a major tourist spot in Switzerland. It is also recognized as Europe’s oldest wooden bridge.

The Kapellbrucke Bridge was built in the year 1333 to protect the city of Lucerne from their enemies. The bridge housed a number of paintings dating back to the 17th century highlighting events in the city of Lucerne.

A major part of the bridge was destroyed by fire in 1993. A number of paintings were destroyed, the bridge has been rebuilt since.

Kapellbrücke features the 140 foot Wasserturm (Watch Tower), an eight sided citadel made of bricks. It functioned as a treasury, watch tower, torture chamber, and prison. Both the bridge and tower are major landmarks in the city and also the countries’ most photographed monuments.

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