Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary 400
Karlovy Vary
Photo by: brighton, Creative Commons

Tourists who travel most of the time often complain of jetlag, sore feet and headaches but if you are headed to the Czech Republic, you are in good hands. There is a haven for the weary muscles called Karlovy Vary. This is indeed one of the places to visit should you plan to travel. Everything in this place is very relaxing and soothing to your senses – that is why when you fix that travel itinerary, do put this destination at the topmost part of your list.

Before you head to get SPA-mpered, visit the Hot Spring Colonnade where the temperature of the water is 73°C/163°F. Too scalding for you? The calming spring waters in the middle of winter are of course the most sought after place to loosen up frozen limbs. There is a 14 meter high fountain in the colonnade’s hallway that does not seem to stop “springing up” due to the current of the waters – this is a must-see.

Moving on to the Karlovy Vary, you will be to witness the different 19th until 20th Centruy structures called the Mill Colonnade – Mlýnská kolonáda, Park Colonnade –Sadová kolonáda, Market Colonnade –Tržní kolonáda and Chateau Colonnade – Zámecká kolonáda. If you were to ask the other tourists who have visited there, they will tell you that they found the Mills Colonnade as to be the most overwhelming piece of art they have ever laid their eyes on at the Colonnade. Just imagine how it would be like to walk 132 meters long, 13 meters wide and count all the 124 columns? It’s impossible for you to do that but that is how expansive the Mills are!

You will definitely enjoy your stay at this hot and SPA-ntastic Neo-Renaissance styled tourist destination which you will not forget as long as you live.

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