A tea plantation in Kasese, Uganda.
Photo by: sarah_mccans , Creative Commons

Right at the other end of the Uganda Railway from Kampala lies one of the fastest growing towns in Uganda – Kasese. Kasese is an exciting mix of nightlife, industrial developments, and natural attractions. The most popular of the tourist attractions in Kasese are the Rwenzori Mountains and the Queen Elizabeth National Park. These two tourist attractions are instrumental in the growth of Kasese. The central and eastern part of the Rwenzori Mountains has been open to tourism activities as a national park. This park is also considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its abundant plant life and numerous water features. Despite the dry plains of Kaseses equatorial location, the Rwenzori Mountains are ice-capped. Three out of the five highest peaks in Africa – Mount Stanley, Mount Speke, and Mount Baker, are all located within the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the most visited game reserves in the country. The national park covers an area close to 800 square miles spread through three Ugandan districts. Water attractions bound the park’s perimeter with Lake George at the northeastern portion, Lake Edward at the southwestern portion, and the Kazinga Channel which connects the two water forms. The wildlife in this national park come from species recovered from the Uganda-Tanzania War. Among these are elephants, leopards, hippopotamuses, lions, and chimpanzees. The national park’s collection of wildlife has grown to over 95 mammalian species and over 500 bird species. At the Rukungiri District, tourists can witness tree-climbing lions with their uniquely black-manned males. Aside from the wildlife, this national park is also known for its volcanic cones, deep craters, and crater lakes where salt is mined.

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