Kasungu National Park

Hippos at Kasungu National Park, Malawi
Photo by: Owner , Creative Commons

If you want to experience African safari and see different species of animals that you can only see in the zoo, you should visit Kasungu National Park, Malawi. This place is perfect if you want to see wild animals and birds freely carrying out their daily activities.

There are several species of wild African animals that you can find in Kasungu National Park, Malawi. You can see elephants, zebras, antelopes, leopards, lions, buffalos, hippos, hyenas, and many other African fauna that you might have never heard of like kudu, puku, and duiker, to just name a few.

The park was once popular for its vast number of elephants about three decades ago. Before, the park had 1500-2000 elephants. But now, it only has 100-150 elephants. This is largely due to poaching and despite attempts of the park to save its elephants by developing anti-poaching laws, the problem is still there. Nonetheless, a herd of elephants in the wild is still something that is fascinating to see.

The best time to witness the wild animals is during the dry and warm season, which starts from August and ends in November. This season is perfect for safari and bird watching because the weather is bright and sunny and you will be able to see everything clearly. There are also rivers in the park where you can see large hippos cooling themselves under the heat of the sun.

December is the start of rainy season. You will see lush vegetation and wild African flowers like orchids until the month of July.

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