The Valley of Kathmandu
Photo by: *saipal, Creative Commons

In a valley located between the Himalayas lies Kathmandu, the capital and biggest metropolitan city in Nepal. Kathmandu is a city rich in history. Ancient shrines, temples, palaces, pagodas and villages are some of the most popular tourist attractions here. Behind the newly constucted buildings and the development of the city, lies the true culture that sets Kathmandu apart. Many tourists who travel to Nepal usually stop by Kathmandu. The most widely acclaimed tourist spot here is the Hanuman Dokha.

The Hanuman Dokha means ‘Gate of Hanuman’. Hanuman is considered to be the monkey god of Ramayana fame. This tourist spot is considered to be the social, religious and urban focal point of Kathmandu and covers a wide expanse of land. It stretches for about five acres and consists of temples, palaces and courtyards. It was once home of the Mallah Kings and the Royal Family until 1886. It was also where crowning and solemnization of Nepalese kings took place.

The Royal Residence was then moved to the Narayan Hitti Palace found in northern Kathmandu. Outside the palace stands a stone with inscriptions written in fifteen different languages. Legend has it that whoever deciphers the inscriptions will cause milk to gush forth from the spout situated below the stone. Some of the major tourist attractions here include the Nasal Chowk which is located next to the Hanuman Temple. It is said that the beautiful dancing Shiva was the inspiration behind its courtyard name. Another is the Panch Mukhi Hanuman Temple which has five circular roofs. The Basantpur Temple is also an eye-catching structure. It stands nine storeys high and offers a spectacular view including the magnificent Himalayas.

If you are looking for a place endowed with rich history and culture, then Kathmandu, Nepal is the place to be.

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