Kaunas War Museum
Photo by: juliux, Creative Commons

Kaunas, Lithuania is a romantic and understated city with quite an interesting city. It is as charming and sweet as an old B&W movie. At Kaunas, Lithuania, there’s so much to like! Kaunas was founded in year 1030. People have long fought for the place—the location is perfect, located at the intersection of 2 rivers and trade routes, an ideal place for transportation and trading.

Fast forward to a few centuries, Russia took hold of Vilnius and Kaunas was became the capitol of Lithuania until 1939. During the World War II, the Germans invaded and wiped out the city’s rich Jewish population at once, disappearing overnight. Until now, the tragic history of Kaunas, Lithuania can still be noticed. This adds to its mystical and romantic charm, in a somewhat haunted way.
Things to See While in Kaunas
1. Ninth Fort – initially built as a fortress on 1902 to 1913. During the WWII Nazi Occupation, more than 50,000 people were killed here including some 30,000 Jews.
2. Devil’s Museum – An interesting collection of devil sculptures and carvings from around the world. An interesting must see.
3. Siauliai Hill of Crosses – The Hill of Crosses is covered in crosses of all sizes. Some are merely 5 feet, while some are over 10 feet tall! Some have tiny little rosaries hanging on the crosses. The first crosses are said to have been planted in the Middle Ages. It is located some 100 miles away from Kaunas; the long distance is definitely worth it.

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