Kayes City

The African Wilderness, Kayes
Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

Among the many cities in Africa, the Kayes city is recorded as having the hottest temperature. But this shouldn’t be a hindrance when visiting the city because there are many tourist attractions here. While exploring touring the city, you will be fascinated with its scenery. The city’s landscape is composed of dessert-like lands and red mountains which add to the Moroccan impression of the place. Truly, visiting Kayes city will bring you to the heart of Africa’s wilderness.

While touring Kayes city, make sure to visit the city’s famous places. This includes Fort du Medine, Felou and Goulina falls, Manantali Dam, Magui and Doro lakes and the TaTa of Koniakari. Among the mentioned locations, it is advisable to visit the Felou and Goulina falls. Both falls have spectacular beauty that is truly rewarding to visit. On the other hand, the Magui and Doro lakes are also worthwhile to visit because of the indigenous floras and faunas that can be observed around the lake.

Whenever you want to visit Kayes city, most tourists seek guides for a full tour of the city. The local infrastructures around the town have a unique African style of architecture which reflects the culture of its residents. You can also notice the colorful garments the local residents within Kayes city wear. Furthermore, the surrounding places are very picturesque, so don’t forget to bring a camera with you. Above all, be sure to arrange the whole trip carefully so you can get the best from Kayes city!

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