Rural Area in Kazbegi, Jordan
Photo by: Lidia Ilona, Creative Commons

Kazbegi Georgia prior name was Stepantsminda. It was named after a Georgian orthodox monk who constructed a monastery at this location. Its present name Kazbegi was derived from the great grandfather of Alexander Kazbegi, the late Kazibek Chopikashili. Kazbegi is famously known in Georgia for its Georgian writer Alexander Kazbegi. Its Tsimda Sameba church is also well known for its vintage beauty. Other popular places that can be found in Kazbegi includes the 5,047 feet Mount Kazbek, its extinct volcanoes that is located 16 kilometers south east from Europe’s mountain, the 18,510 feet high Mount Elbrus located on the outskirts of Kazbegi.

After Kazbegi became independent following the Soviet Union break up, the name of this city was changed back to its original Stepantsminda but many still call this place Kazbegi. There are hundreds of places that can be seen in this area. Old Churches that were built in the 18th century can still be seen. There are also many hotel accommodations in this place.

• Hotel Stepantsimanda is located in central Kazbegi which is 150km from Tbilisi. Stepantsimanda hotel offers the best hotel accommodations in Kazbegi and is situated downhill of Europe’s highest mountain.

• Lela’s Guest House is also a good place to stay when visiting Kazbegi. This exclusive guest house is a very small and charming hosting place that is also located downhill.

• Merabi’s Guest House is a small nice garden guest house in Kazbegi Georgia that has 25 rooms for travelers. Staying here offers a strategic starting point to places like Sno and Khde Gorge, Juta village and many unique castles in Kazbegi.

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