Keflavik Harbor
Photo by: wyzik, Creative Commons

Keflavik, Iceland is a thirty-minute drive from Reykjavik. Whatever you plan to do and wherever you plan to go in Iceland, you should stop by this town. It is, after all, where the international airport is located.

As it is very near the airport, a lot of car-rental businesses are located there. Now, if you plan to explore the countryside and go hiking, you are going to need a car. You would be surprised to find out that although Iceland has one of the highest car-per-capita ratios in the world, traffic is not a serious problem.

When visiting Keflavik, Iceland, take a breather and enjoy the scenery. It might not be a cultural hub but there is a lot to see. Great mountains loom behind; and an expanse of blue ocean, on the other side. You can walk or bike around, but whatever you do, do not forget to arrange a visit to the wharf. You can see picturesque buildings and structures by the harbor.

One thing you cannot afford to miss is whale-watching. Book for a tour and experience a uniquely Icelandic adventure. You would most probably sail from the dock of Keflavik and from there; you would be treated to a North Atlantic cruise. Most whale-watching enterprises also bring an expert along to tell you about the animals – whales, dolphins, tortoises, and yes, birds. You would get to see the view of the Icelandic coastline – including, of course, the coastal cliffs, that are home to numerous sea birds such as puffins.

Seeing dolphins and whales following the boat and playing around is one experience you wouldn’t forget. Sometimes, we all need to realize that we may not be the biggest beings in the world, but it doesn’t matter. The world is still a great place to live in, and Keflavik, Iceland is the place to go whenever we want a reminder.

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