Kemer roadside
Photo by: Veyis Polat, Creative Commons

Kemer is a west seaside district of Antalya, Turkey. It is famous for a being a seaside resort in the Mediterranean coast. This was originally a quiet rural district, which has evolved into a beach destination in the 1980s. The name Kemer was derived from the long stone wall built in that district. It was constructed to prevent flood waters from the mountains going to the village. Its former name was Eski Köy meaning old village.

Kemer provides a good view of the Taurus Mountain and the azure Mediterranean Sea. Its weather provides a long summer period that most of its visitors enjoy. Some parts of its shores have large pebbles and stones instead of sand. This shoreline stretches from Beldibi to Tekirova. Nature’s beauty is the main highlight of this district.

Accommodations can be easily found in this district, since it was created to be a resort town. Restaurants and stores are also available near the beach. There is easy transportation available for going around. Most visitors avail of reasonably priced package deals in going to Kemer.

The Yörük Parki is a charming rustic park. It is an anthropological Turkish nomad themed area. Some parts of it near the sea are sandy shores. The greener parts provide shady areas and amiable areas for recreation. The theme park is completed by actors dressed in nomadic costumes. Turkish delicacies are also available inside the park such as gozieme.

The Beaches of Kemer vary from those lined with cafes and restaurants to the cozy ones with more privacy. Its forest and mountains also provide a trip with nature. The Beldibi cave is also an interesting place to visit when in Kemer. It is a Mesolithic and Neolithic cave where some ruins are found. It is located 27km southwest of Antalya.

Its marina has a capacity of 320 yachts. This Turkiz Kemer Marina is a famous place for sailors from the United States and Europe. Annual events happen in this district such as boat races, offshore championships, art festivals, and Kemer Carnival.

Kemer is also a popular starting point when going to other historical sites nearby. These places include Olimpos, Termessos, Phaselis, Aspendos, and Perge.

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