Kerala Backwaters

Peaceful Afternoon on the Kerala Backwaters
Photo by: Thursday Next, Creative Commons

Kerala Backwaters is situated in the state of Kerala, India. Kerala is a great tourist destination spot and the “National Geographic Society” listed Kerala among the “lifetime 50 destinations”.

Kerala Backwaters includes a wide variety of marine life, mostly mudskippers, crabs, and several other water birds like Kingfishers, Cormorants, and Darters. The highlight at the Backwaters is the palm trees which are grown at the side of the Backwaters. Kerala is rich in tourism, which includes a number of boathouses on the backwaters, resorts and mainly the Ayurvedic treatment which is a famous ancient health care treatment. In addition, there is a Christian chapel in between the Back waters surrounded by boathouses.

Kerala Backwaters is known to be a group of 38 rivers and canals which are naturally made. These backwaters are about 900 km and lie similar to the Arabian Sea .The Kerala Backwaters are similar to Bayou (a lake in America). The water here is pure saline and the waters are formed as a result of the wave’s actions and currents in the shore among the rivers. The Backwaters contain stunning landscapes across many cities. These landscapes act as halt places for the Backwater cruises.

Among the Backwater lakes, Vembanad kayal is the biggest lake and also the longest lake in India, which covers about 200 km. The Vembanad Kayal is known to be the network of many canals.


The Kollam district is known to be the Backwaters starting point. The Ashtamudi Kayal (a lake in the Kollam district) is known to be the gateway to the Backwaters.

The Alappuzha is located near to the Kuttanad area, the Backwaters at the Alappuzha has a great scenic beauty, which attracts a large number of tourists. The back waters here are well-known for snake boat races, which is a traditional boat race at this region.

Located in North Kerala, the Kasargod is an incredible destination. The Kasargod is well known for cultivation, gorgeous landscapes and different species of birds on the Backwaters.

Located near Thiruvananthapuram (the capital city of Kerala), Thiruvallam is a great tourist destination spot with a gorgeous scenic beauty. Thiruvallam is famous for the water sports and boat clubs.

The resorts and the Ayurvedic treatment, the traditional boat races, a wide variety of marine life and birds from different parts of the world are the highlights at Kerala Backwaters.

After reaching Thiruvananthapuram, a number of buses are frequently available. Thiruvananthapuram is well connected by all means of transport i.e., by air, road and railways.

People who are interested in scenic photography should visit Kerala Backwaters as it is the place where one can find natural beauty, ancient body treatments and ancient traditions.

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